Conventional fire exinguishers and sprinkler systems don't work on fires involving lithium ion batteries.   The experts in OnGard LLC's LithSafe division will work with you to assess your situation and design a system that fits your particular needs as well as train your staff and assist with regulatory issues.

The experts at LithSafe understand that when you are dealing with lithium ion batteries, putting the fire out is only part of the equation.  Our systems:

  1. Extinguish the fire using special fire suppression agents and systems designed to especially for lithium batery fires.
  2. Contain the fire so it doesn't spread anywhere else and the damage is minimized.
  3. Prevent the fire from re-igniting.  Damaged Lithium batteries can continue to produce large quantities of heat even after the fire is extinguished which often leads to re-ignition if not properly dealt with.

To find out more about how LithSafe can design a customized solution for you, contact us.