Are you concerned with safety?

When you and your organization are involved with the TESTING, TRANSPORT and /or STORAGE of LITHIUM ION battery technologies; you should consider (and call) a company who:

  1. Designed the 1st EPA Facility test cell for Lithium Ion vehicle battery pack testing and cycling.
  2. Designed  (for a major auto company) the first proprietary transport module for the transport and storage of a vehicle 'compromised' Lithium Ion battery pack.
  3. Developed first facility safety assessment program(s) for:
    1. Largest Electric motorcycle company
    2. One of the world's leading research facility
    3. Research lab for one of the 'Big 3'
    4. One of the top 3 product testing lab
    5. and many other equally important clients, big and small.
  4. Has received patent approval for a unique suppression system designed to protect energy storage facilities.
  5. Developed proprietary suppression system for one of the world's leading test cell manufacturer.
  6. Developed 'targeted' training for insurance adjusters, fire marshals, emergency response teams and other industry segments.

The safety of your personnel and facility are our constant focus

LithSafe (div of OnGARD, LLC) is ready to assist