Computer Rooms

Traditional fire suppression systems can damage sensitive electronic equipment and cause your important data to be permanently lost. Most chemical systems must be custom designed and assembled on-site. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to protect your important IT infrastructure from a fire that didn't cost a fortune? What if your fire protection could scale with your infrastructure and even be moved to a new location with minimal effort and expense?

OnGard LLC's FireXOnline division offers a wide variety of cost-effective self-contained fire detection and suppression systems to simplify fire protection for server racks and computer rooms. By putting the protection where it's needed - at the individual cabinets and racks - these fire protection systems are able to offer better protection for a lower price. Best of all, the "clean agents" the systems use to extinguish the fire won't damage the equipment that's being protected and won't harm the environment like Halon.


EXXFIRE has developed a smart fire suppression system, using a worldwide patented, revolutionary, maintenance free, gas storage and release technology, capable of producing N2 gas at room temperature! For the detection of smoke EXXFIRE uses 3 optical sensors of Apollo™ and their XP-95 protocol to communicate with any fire alarm panel in the market.


Redetec fire protection units utilize either point type or high sensitivity VESDA smoke detection systems. If smoke is detected, the onboard control systems are able to shut down ventilation fans before releasing fire extinguishing agent into the rack. The extinguishing agent can be one of a variety of products including FM200 and Pyrogen.

In addition to the standard units, Redetec also offers all-in-one rack protection systems that provide rack condition monitoring (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc) and security management in addition to the standard fire protection
features. Each input has user-settable upper/lower threshold levels and alarm levels These models include a variety of monitoring interfaces including SNMP, Telnet, and web.



Sea-Fire produces a wide variety of pre-engineered fire suppression systems. All systems require minimal installation and utilize one of several "clean agents". Sea-Fire systems are capable of protecting areas ranging in size from 25 cubic feet up to 1500 cubic feet. Depending on the fire suppression agent used, certain Sea-Fire systems may be suitable for use in occupied areas.

For areas where it is difficult or impossible to install a traditional fire suppression system, Sea-Fire manufactures the STINGER Automatic Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. This innovative unit requires a minimal amount of space and utilizes flexible tubing to reach the target area. In the event of a fire, the STINGER automatically discharges a clean agent to suppress fires quickly and effectively.


Cease Fire manufactures a modular, self contained,
pre-engineered fire suppression system. Cease Fire units require no
piping or electrical connections and can easily be moved as your fire
protection needs change.

Each unit is capable of protecting an 8' x 8' room with 12' ceilings.
To provide protection for a larger area, multiple units can be networked together to increase coverage. When two or more units are networked together, the coverage
area is increased to 10' x 10'.

Cease Fire's systems utilize a patented dual-agent gel that contains both an ABC powder and DuPont's FE-227™ EPA-approved clean agent. This results in near instant fire suppression and prevents re-ignition. Once the fire has been extinguished, the suppression agents revert to a non-toxic gas and a powder for easy cleanup.