For over 25 years, OnGard LLC's experts have assisted other fire industry professionals in developing unique, cost effective solutions for perplexing problems. From the U.S. Capitol, collections of Ferrari’s, historical buildings, atomic waste disposal, the London Subway, engine test cells, computer rooms, record storage rooms, hazmat storage and other applications the world over; OnGard LLC's has assisted fire experts in solving difficult suppression issues.


OnGard LLC's experience includes:

  • Installation of over 300 units in the London Subway after the disastrous fire in 1988.
  • Protection of the 'Thomas Stone' (Signer of the Declaration of Independence) original home during restoration.
  • Protection for several exotic car collections.
  • Testifying before Congress relating to Valu Jet tragedy.
  • Past member of FAA Cargo Bay protection committee.
  • (7) halon alternative formulas accepted by U.S. EPA
  • Installations in U.S. Congress, U.S. Steel, Rouge Steel, Merchandise Mart (IL).


In order to satisfy the requirements of fire professionals, FireXonline™ has established relationships with leading equipment suppliers: Cease Fire®, Sea–Fire®, EXXFIRE, and others.

Facility managers, sprinkler contractors, system engineers, architects, fire marshals, portable service people, and others have all relied on FireXonline’s™ expertise. FireXonline™ has always focused on providing expert, cost effective solutions in a timely manner.


FireXOnline is a member of the National Fire Protection Association